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The Bank Santander and American Express use Ripple for cross-border payments

American Express and Bank Santander said about using Ripple for faster realization of payments between the US and the UK. The partnership with Ripple will allow American Express to the representatives of Grupo Santander..

Ripple rose by 10%, leaving behind Ethereum

The growth of cryptocurrencies Ripple 10% left behind Ethereum, because the gap between the coins increases. As soon as the stock market is gradually emerging from the influence of the bearish trend, cryptocurrency Ripp..

Estonia has issued more than 900 licenses for cryptocurrency companies

Less than a year after Estonia introduced licensing for companies operating in the cryptocurrency sector, the number of licenses it has issued has exceeded 900. The authorities took a rather progressive approach to the r..

The mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto said on Twitter about the error in the code Bitcoin

The mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto appeared on Twitter to tell cryptologist error in the code of Bitcoin, trying to convince everyone of his authenticity. Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious Creator of the world's largest cry..

The recovery of the stock market has not affected Bitcoin Cash worst

The market of cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin and altcoins, gradually begins recovery and Cash only Bitcoin falls in the top 20 worst scriptaction. After a little stress that had to go through the stock market in rece..