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IT Director Baltimore apologizes for reaction to ransomware

Frank Johnson, senior IT-specialist Baltimore information technology has brought his "sincere apologies" to the members of the city Council on Friday during a public meeting at which it was noted that the residents and t..

Closing of futures on the CBOE Bitcoin is unlikely to affect the leading cryptocurrency

After the expiration of the last of a futures contract for Bitcoin on 16 June 2019, the CBOE announced that they will be closed indefinitely. Futures Bitcoin CBOE has existed for almost half a year and enjoyed a great po..

Network capacity the Bitcoin Network Lightning fell 13%

According to 1ML, capacity Bitcoin Lightning Network, the solutions for scaling the second tier of cryptocurrencies, recently dropped by 13%. Many are concerned that the decline will affect its liquidity and long-term po..

IBM and Maersk launch in Russia, the blockchain-a platform for international trade

Maersk, the largest operator for container transportations of marine transport vessels operating on the market since 1996, signed a partnership agreement with American IT company IBM to launch in Russia, the blockchain p..

The former head of Bitmain launches a new crypto-platform Matrix

Jihan Wu, co-founder and former CEO of Bitmain, in the beginning of next month intend to launch a new blockchain-based platform for OTC trading, reports the Block, citing its own sources. According to the preliminary in..