Some members of the crypto community have accused the Chinese cryptohome FCoin in the fact that he scored the network its voting system. According to reports, its voting system, based on the deposits that financially sti..
Newly launched cryptocurrency exchange BiteBTC, registered in Singapore, has announced that it intends to find more friendly to her customers jurisdiction. According to the team BiteBTC, all attempts of negotiations wit..
The largest manufacturer of technical equipment for cryptocurrency mining company Bitmain will open a mining farm on the territory of the former aluminum plant in Rockdale, state Dallas, according to local news Dallas Ne..
One of the richest people on the planet, Sergey Brin is the co-founder of Google, was recently made a very interesting official statement that he is interested in mining cryptocurrency Ethereum. Hardly anyone expected th..
Experts on cybersecurity, companies Fortinet and Kromtech identified seventeen Docker files that are uploaded images that contain malware designed for mining cryptocurrency. The study showed that they were downloaded 5 m..
The growth of prices of Venezuelan citizens pay more and more attention in the cryptocurrency trading, especially against the background of rapid inflation, has reached 14000%. The Venezuelan government trying to restra..
Between May 13th and 15th, Monacoin, a cryptocurrency developed in Japan, appears to have suffered from a network attack that caused roughly $90,000 in damages. The attack appears to have been a selfish mining attack, where one miner successfully mines a block on the blockchain but does not broadcast the new...
Five rural banks in the Philippines will conduct a pilot of a real-time retail payments system on a blockchain developed by Ethereum startup Consensys. In a move to further financial inclusion and bring some 35 million unbanked Filipinos into the financial system, the Union Bank of the Philippines (UnionBank) has...
The representatives of the Miners Watts announced the release of three new miners, called Mini Watts, Watts and Watts Rack Miner, which according to the manufacturer is able to storm to capture the world cryptoprotection..
Because of an error in a smart contract ICON was disabled sending a token ICX. According to reports on Reddit, the error in the smart contract ICON similar to that which had previously met in another cryptocurrency proj..