Lately Tron Foundation produces many announcements about events and new developments implemented by the project team. One of the most important news is the launch of a new set of tools for developers that will use block..
To promote your own project team representatives project NEO for the first time intends to visit Russia. The visit is scheduled for October 23 and the event will be held in Moscow, under the Russian project Streamity, w..
GANA – the world's first blockchain-a project aimed at the development of artificial intelligence for industry medical use of cannabis – launched ICO. Selling tokens of the project began on 21 may and will last until 20 ..
Startup XRPL Labs supported by the division of developers Ripple — Xpring, recently launched a new payment app which will allow a greater number of owners of ecommerce stores and retail outlets quickly and easily accept ..
Prominent Russian opposition leader, Alexei Navalny received donations in the amount of about 591 Bitcoins ($3 million) for the period from 2016. Russian opposition leader managed to attract significant funding in the cr..
According to the leader of a startup NEO, Chen Jiao, the transition to the blockchain would allow Facebook to solve the problem with data privacy and track their every move. As followed from his statement at the event, ..
Bakkt, adjustable platform for futures for cash, gained much popularity in recent cryptosuite, announced the completion of the transaction on purchase of the company "Rosenthal Collins Group" (RCG), which became the firs..
It seems that the coin Grincoin there are some prospects on the stock market as a manufacturer of mining equipment, the company Sapphire has released recently his first series of graphics processors designed to optimise ..
This week the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, made new statements about the national cryptocurrency of their country. In a new published paper reported that the cryptocurrency is not supported exclusively on 100%..
The last seven days have been good for investors BTC, because its value has increased by 18% over the week and now hovering around $7400 dollars. On the one hand, it's good. But always gain the Bitcoin on the stock marke..