IPO Bitmain is quite a significant event in cryptosuite and many members are closely watching its development. The deadline for initial public offering (IPO) of a Chinese mining company expires today, and its inaction in..
These actions, some can compare with the reckless actions of little children, puts his hand in a jar of candy, knowing in advance that can then be a problem. But the thought of getting sweets so tempting that it is impos..
Head SingleSource based on the blockchain the platform for the identification and assessment of risks, Kelvin Chandran, assessed the current situation on the stolen funds on Cryptopia. As you know, crypto-currency exchan..
Today launched another version of licenzirovanie American dollars Australian startup Havven under the Ticker nUSD. The creation of this asset Havven trying to create some crypto-fiaty hybrid, provided the relevant amount..
The use of tokens ERC20 based on the Ethereum blockchain, continues to grow. According to some estimates, the total market capitalization of all tokens ERC20 is $12.8 billion Data provided Santiment, showing 16% growth c..
Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi announced its plans to create its own blockchain, which will be its first public decentralized platform. The project Huobi Chain will cost about $174 million, c $30 million of its own funds ..
So actively advertised Samsung Galaxy S10 caused a great disappointment in the bitcoin community, after first receiving a user uploaded video. What may be attractive to the crypto on the phone if he can't keep Bitcoins, ..
Despite the fact that the week started out quite optimistic and the markets began to recover, unfortunately, today marked by a sharp adjustment of market on Christmas eve, which actually erased the results achieved in th..
Siacoin (SC) and Bytecoin (BCN), a small cryptoprocta seriously intend to give a decisive rebuff to such a powerful Corporation as Bitmain, making it useless ASIC miners in their network. 16 Oct team SiaCoin (SC) announ..
ConsenSys company engaged in the development of blockchain projects, ordering a market research firm Whiteblock study block network EOS got very interesting insights from analysts. They said that in fact, the EOS networ..