Dukascopy Bank customers will be able to convert their cryptocurrency into Fiat money to trade on the Swiss stock exchange. Bitstamp, registered in Luxembourg, the crypto currency exchange, has partnered with Swiss onli..
The Ministry of Finance of Spain approved the draft of the new law, which requires disclosure of savings in scriptactive, according to local newspaper ABC. Spanish Finance Minister maría jesús Montero was the author of ..
Today the Manager of Mt.Gox issued a statement about the groundbreaking for the payment of civil claims, which testifies to the victory of the creditors, who have long wondered, will they ever get financial compensation...
Despite the bearish trend, which had to endure the cryptocurrency market in the second half of 2018, there are great prospects for its further development and growth. The outgoing year was marked by a significant drop w..
In cryptosphere is a kind of arms race, where the fraudsters are using increasingly sophisticated methods to seize the funds of cryptomonadales. Most focused variety of scams on the market ICO, which is confirmed by an a..
The Liechtenstein crypto currency exchange LCX received a license for the provision of services to cryptocurrency trading. The exchange will offer customers four main types of services, including custodial service and th..
Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), a token on the basis of ERC20 supported Bitcoin launched and is now available for trading on multiple platforms and applications. Because of its use traders will be able to access a greater numbe..
Amauri Gets on Twitter decided to open to the community a great secret, claiming that he is the famous Creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. The self-proclaimed friendly Amauri Whips, developer of the Bitcoin ABC decide..
According to the Israeli news outlets Globes, the largest mining firm Bitmain intends to cease the operations of its development center in Israel, and to dismiss all its staff. According to the information provided, the ..
Law enforcement officials are studying the activities of the suspicious online communities actively encourage to invest in cryptocurrency. After contacting several of the residents of Yekaterinburg with complaints that ..