According to data released this week by the Japanese national police Agency (NPA) this year dramatically increased the number of reports of suspicious transactions with cryptocurrency exchanges. Police received 5 944 rep..
Earlier it was reported that the crypto currency exchange Coinbase, plans to patent the use of the term "BUIDL". This caused severe criticism from the crypto community and the General Director of the Binance, Chunpeng Zh..
Chilean crypto currency exchange Orionx lost a court battle in the Supreme court of the country, after the recent positive decision of the court of appeal on the unilateral closure of their Bank accounts at Banco Estado,..
Stable token USDC – cryptocurrency issued by Circle to ensure the stability of the market. With the aim of improving the level of adoption of new tokens to users on a crypto currency exchange Poloniex trading fees will b..
The long-awaited hard-fork of Ethereum called Constantinople, will be held at unit 7 080 000, such agreement came the main developers network, last December 7 meeting. Hard fork Ethereum, Constantinople was planned for ..
South Korean cryptomeria managed to overtake its competitors with Malta's daily trading volume. According to the data provided regarding registered kryptomere in South Korea, and their colleagues, have received registra..
The founder and head of platform Tron (TRX), Justin San, promised to create a rescue Fund for developers of Ethereum and EOS from the collapse of their platforms while they move their blockchain dApps on the Tron. It hap..
It seems that the Creator of the Tron project, is going to make tokens of your project confidential and to join the Monero cryptocurrency, Verge and zcash for. It is a statement made Justin San during the interview Bad ..
Ethereum price fell below $100 USD and is at $98 at the time of this writing, the first time since may of 2017, when he first reached this price level. The next day, red meets investors on the stock market with the rate..
The American crypto currency exchange Coinbase previously expressed support for zcash for confidential cryptocurrency on their professional trading platform. The exchange explained that access to the coin you will receiv..