Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi announced its plans to create its own blockchain, which will be its first public decentralized platform. The project Huobi Chain will cost about $174 million, c $30 million of its own funds ..
Team Bitcoin Gold (BTG) plans to hold a rigid fork as a strategy to address two pressing problems: preventing future 51% attacks and threats from ASIC miners manufactured by Bitmain. The team says that the planned upgra..
The Japanese company GMO, which itself has a mining farm has developed its own ASIC miner created for the 7-nm chips. And, as the developers say, the performance of the new model Minor B2 70% higher than competitive Bitm..
Mikhail Shlyapnikov, original Russian farmer and revolutionary cryptocurrency of the suburban economy of Kalinovo, well known to the Russian community with his eccentricities. At the time, the issue of his farmer's mone..
Recent studies show that interest in Bitcoin is decreasing proportionally to the decrease of its value. In fact, there was a significant reduction in the number of search queries in the Internet at the BTC on 75% of what..
In many countries the government controls everything from the purchase of goods to money transfers from one Bank account to another. This has led to the emergence of a new market without taxes, which is currently estimat..
Startup Blockchain, Ripple, in cooperation with leading universities, announced a new initiative to support and accelerate scientific research, technological development and innovation in the field of technology of the b..
Philippines struggling to establish itself as a friendly region for the purposeful use of fintehnology. Regulations of the government, banks, free economic zone and the country as a whole is doing everything possible to ..
Recently launched a crypto currency exchange the South African ChainEX has announced that, beginning June 4, will provide its users with zero fees for two weeks to trade in all cryptocurrencies. ChainEX gives the possib..
Approval Buterin Vitalik, founder of Ethereum, due to the implementation of the decisions of the second level, like Sharding and Plasma, it is possible to reach the speed of transaction processing up to 1 million per sec..