1.2 million users in Canada will receive a free cryptotrading


Canadian and Swiss Coinberry BRD announced a partnership that will allow the 1.2 million customers of BRD to participate in cryptocurrency trading.

Trade Bitcoin and other scriptactive continues to attract investors. In spite of the prolonged bear market, the new trading platform are added regularly.

According to the representatives of BRD, they are the first cryptocurrency wallet available in the iOS space. Their application BRD for iPhone and Android, has customers in 150 countries, and trade turnover is about $8 billion partnership between the two companies will present the BRD community of 1.2 million users access the platform Coinberry for cryptocurrency trading.

Coinberry is a registered trade cryptopleura, allowing users to immediately obtain access to multiple exchanges and choose the best price from multiple exchanges, using its own unique algorithm. Through the partnership, canadian customers BRD can use electronic payments to Finance the purchase of scriptaction, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The benefits of partnership

It is expected that the partnership will open up access to 1.2 million users of BRD on the canadian trading platform and mobile app BRD will be available for all customers Coinberry in the framework of a joint strategy to market. Coinberry recently became the first registered canadian company that offers its clients off-exchange trading in Bitcoin and Ethereum. In addition, the website States that the company using patented algorithms, Coinberry can provide for its customers the choice of exchanges, where there are best prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Wallet BreadWallet (BRD) expands its services. In April 2018, in the framework of the project under the name of Augustus, BRD has transformed its platform from a simple bitcoin wallet in a decentralized platform financial services. Users now BRD can store and sell 100 of the most popular tokens on the basis of the ERC-20.

With regard to improving the functionality of the wallet BRD President Coinberry Andrew Polikov said:

“BRD is a pioneer and leader in cryptosphere, and we are very happy to join forces. Purse BRD has all of the functionality that a user needs, and we expect that the community BRD will enjoy the benefits Coinberry trade the cryptocurrency”.

It is expected that the joint work Coinberry and BRD will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2018.

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