2 million bitcoin addresses under the threat of hacker attacks


Services of cyber security, have discovered a new cryptovirus Clipboard Hijacker, which controls about 2.3 million Bitcoin addresses. Using the carelessness of some owners of cryptocurrencies, which are not once again recheck the address before sending the token, it sends their funds on their addresses.

The Threat Clipboard Hijacker

According to the statement of analysts of a portal BleepingComputer, under the threat of infecting the Clipboard Hijacker is 2 million bitcoin addresses, which malware, with regular monitoring of the clipboard of the user’s computer, identifies CryptoStream, and changes them into attacker-controlled.

Clipboard Hijacker designed for the carelessness and imprudence of cryptomonadales not checking once again the correspondence to the address in the translation of tokens, but just copies the string. In this moment there is a connection Clipboard Hijacker, producing an automatic change of address.

Clipboard Hijacker, how?

Clipboard Hijacker is part of a package of malware that penetrates into Windows Temp download d3dx11_31.dll starting on the device when the user logs in.

Moreover, the malware does not show itself and its effect is detected only after the transfer of the cryptocurrency. Therefore, users are strongly recommended at least twice to check the addresses before sending the cryptocurrency, not limited solely to the functions of copy and paste.

Experts on cybersecurity company Carbon Black noted that the darknet has about 34,000 sentences for hackers for every taste and budget. The average cost of malicious software is about $224, but you can find deals that cost a dollar.

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