2019 happy new year!


Despite some difficulties that were noted departing 2018 for the entire crypto community, it was filled with many interesting events.

No one doubts that scriptactive came into our lives to stay for a long time, and the prospects for their use was forced to admit even the traditional financial institutions.

The technology of block networks is actively expanding in the field of remittances. In addition, many governments and private companies managed to appreciate the prospect of it in solving administrative problems of management and commercial services.

Due to the prolonged bearish trend, kryptonitetm had to pass a difficult way from mass recognition, of hope and enthusiasm to disappointment and expectations. We passed all the stages of this difficult journey with you, trying to provide the most relevant and most interesting information from different regions of the world, which could have a significant impact on all cryptologist.

While assessing the period, we can say that the outgoing year was still quite good, since it gave impetus to the development of many successful new projects. Recognition of crypto currency and their prospects of development by many governments, provide confidence that investors ‘ expectations are justified over time, and the young cryptocurrency market will enter a phase of its development and maturity.

We thank all our readers who have remained throughout this period with us and hope that next year will be successful for all captainvalor, which do not lose confidence in the reliability and the growth prospects of scriptaction.

Happiness and success to you in the New year, peace and prosperity! Let your investments will be successful, and a stable financial situation!

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