24-year-old Chinese Bitcoin millionaire gave passers-by informed Christmas


It is reported that 24-year-old bitcoin millionaire yesterday staged a winter snowfall money, throwing from the roof of one of the buildings in Hong Kong banknotes, which caused a massive stir among passers-by. Some call it “the Keith Wong Ching”, also it has a nickname “Mr. Coin and Coin Young Master” by which he appears on the page in Facebook dedicated to cryptocurrency and miners in the era of cryptocurrency.

Scattering notes, he shouted, “”Today, December 15 is the big day when the FCC announces a trading race. I hope everyone here will pay attention to this important event. I don’t know if anyone believes any of you that money can fall from the sky.”

However, it is still unknown what he meant by mentioning the FCC in a statement. The Crypto edition of Asia Today said that Wong believes cryptocurrency Robin hood because he “robs the rich to help the poor”. However, he never went into more explanation about comparing himself with Robin hood. Moreover, the Coin Young Master has repeatedly said that he feels the need to tell the world about Bitcoin, as they lifted him to the heavens and it feels God.

To get a taste of Christmas

These actions caused mass hysteria among the passers-by began to catch flying in the air, denominations, 100 HK dollars. Those who find themselves in the midst of the event, noted that thrown from the roof, the amount could be millions. However, according to the police, they managed to collect from the street about 5,000 Hong Kong dollars equivalent to $639.

Many passers-by are very pleased by this early Christmas present, fallen from the sky.

Twitter is actively discussing this incident, with the majority of users expressed indignation at the matter, and perceive it all as a kind of cryptooperation to the public, which will contribute to raising people’s interest in the cryptocurrency.

However, one of the users on Twitter claimed that Wong was a regular speculator specializing in pumps and dumps because of his schemes was connected with the promotion Filecoin.

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