30 000 ETH kidnapped on the crypto currency exchange Cryptopia, in motion


The story of the hacked new Zealand cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia, it seems, sees the development even after declaring bankruptcy. Less than a week after you start the process of elimination, stolen by hackers 30,000 ETH, have been transferred to an unknown wallet address.

According to WhaleAlert, which is responsible for the monitoring of large cryptocracy, the translation was done today, may 20, and the transaction volume was 30 790 ETH that the price today is equivalent to the amount of $7.74 million

On the basis of transaction data, the sender’s address 3fbaa73a433daa0f6c43d1c732c3f97a86f3a427 was associated with breaking Cryptopia, the address of the receiving party, d96ba527be241c2c31fd66cbb0a9430702906a2a, belongs to an unknown individual, any involvement in the hacking of the site was not marked.

Hackers cover their tracks

The exchange has not confirmed the incident with the movement of the stolen money, but still may 15, Cryptopia has informed all its customers that should immediately stop making deposits.

Last week, after numerous customer inquiries regarding problems with an unplanned stop exchange Cryptopia declared bankruptcy and the beginning of the liquidation process, to be managed by auditing company Grant Thornton. At the request of the auditor, this process can take months.

Problems at Cryptopia began in January, when the exchange suffered a hacker attack the first of the two break-ins, during which it was stolen about $16 million in bitcoin ETH. A few weeks after the January burglary occurred the next attack, with a damage of $180 000 ETH. After several months of downtime, the exchange has resumed.

It is known that in March, at the address 3fbaa73a433daa0f6c43d1c732c3f97a86f3a427, was translated 30,789 address aa923cd02364bb8a4c3d6f894178d2e12231655c marked as belonging to the hackers Cryptopia. And originally at this address was sent another transaction of 1 ETH. It was confirmed that the amount of Cryptopia was probably transferred to the escrow wallet Huobi.

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