30000 ETH for sale the largest holder of


30 000 ETH today were transported to WrappedEther from an unknown wallet, probably belonging to some project who conducted the original proposal of tokens, and now wants to sell its holdings in Ethereum.

Essential market crisis

Ethereum is already on the verge of collapse, as with the fall of the cryptocurrency market price ETH falls with incredible speed, and only for a week, it dropped from $200 to $100. Someone drop already led to panic, actively spreading across the market. Apparently, and unknown to the holder 30 000 ETH decided to sell the available funds in Ethereum, and after long enough storage for fear of an even greater collapse in the price. The deal was done with 60 GWEI and transaction costs of $0.18.

The fear that Ethereum will drop to $60

According to analysts, could not hold on the level of support at $120 and falling below the $110 price Ethereum has the potential to go further down. If we fail to remain at the level of $100 then the decline will continue to $60. According to analysts, ETH will be adjusted only after reaching this level. Moreover, a large part of the ICO sales is projected to be below the range of $100 because the majority of initial proposals are taking token money in Ethereum and will now begin to sell their savings before the situation becomes worse.

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