48% of current ICO does not have a viable product


Bearish trend nearly a year’s duration strongly influenced by ICO, increasing scepticism of retail investors. However, almost 48% of existing ICO still have a minimum viable product (MVP) according to statistics Icobench.

Minimum viable product (MVP) is a development sufficient to satisfy the curiosity of early customers and tell them about the opportunities of the company or team. In most cases, MVP is created and displayed to the investors before the company or the team begins to search for external financing.

Several cryptoprocta attracted the attention of the community their plans to raise funds, but now a little strange to see the projects without MVP. The number of completed ICO are significantly reduced from the beginning of 2018. In February 2019 Icobench reported 78 finished ICO, which is about half of the projects reported in January. 11 ICO moved for the next few months.

Are you planning to adopt a new model of fundraising “STO”?

Success rate the ICO in February dropped to 29% (compared to 32% in January). Today, there are 439 current ICO, and 48% of them have MVP. This means that more than 200 ICO, which now attract the funds do not have a viable product to calm concerned investors.

A new model of fundraising “STO” is supposed to be better and safer for retail investors than ICO. However, very few projects in the crypto space has gone in this direction. This may be due to the uncertainty that still revolves around crypto-regulations.

STO offer tokens, which are classified as financial securities to accredited investors. There are several platforms that you can use to access the security tokens. In addition, they are also under less pressure in providing the MVP because they have financial security recognised by law.

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