5000 trading companies can now take cryptopedia in Chile


Chilean cryptocurrency exchange Crypto MKT recently announced that citizens can now buy goods and services for the cryptocurrency at more than 5,000 retailers thanks to a new integration with the processor CryptoCompra.com.

According to the announcement, the partnership between Crypto MKT and online payment platform Flow.cl is now allowing retailers to add a payment options in bitcoin through the platform CryptoCompra.com.

The use of this platform for cryptopedia available in Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Europe, allowing users to pay in Bitcoin, Stellar and Ethereum, and trading venues to payments in the national currency of the country.

From Crypto MKT has a guarantee Fund that ensures the stability of the payment in bitcoin, regardless of significant price fluctuations. This allows the client not to worry about price fluctuations, will save it from these surprises with payments.

The report says that the adoption of cryptocurrency payments allows businesses to work with customers from anywhere in the world and gives them the opportunity to be at the forefront of promoting quick and safe payments.

The problems of the Chilean exchanges with banks

The announcement is positive for the local crypto community because until recently, a major Chilean cryptomeria, Orionx, Buda and Crypto MKT, had to go through the forbidden sanctions to service their accounts in local banks, after which they were forced to solve this problem in court.

The antitrust court of Chile has ordered two major banks, Banco Estado and Corpbanca Itau resume account a crypto currency exchange Buda, which before the ban had a daily trading volume of more than $1 million

Orionx later also won a case against Banco Estado, as the court ruled that the financial institution made “arbitrary and illegal actions” when closing their account.

While the question of the relationship between Crypto MKT with the banks remains open, but the success of other exchanges gives hope for a positive resolution of the problem with the banks.

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