52% traditional investors are ready to invest in cryptocurrencies


A recent study LendEDU and The Daily Hodl, was the adoption of cryptocurrency by the representatives of the traditional market investments. According to the results, 52% of respondents stated that they are ready to use their accounts for investing in cryptocurrencies if their brokers offer such a choice. Another 59% said that, in their opinion, their brokerage company in the near future will offer to invest in scriptactive.

The survey was conducted among 1,000 Americans who do not own cryptocurrency, but hold traditional assets such as bonds and stocks. In addition, their brokerage companies at the moment do not offer services direct investment in cryptocurrency.

A high degree of confidence traditional brokers

41% of respondents said that they trusted their permanent brokerage company, and believe that she will cope with their cryptophaginae and only 14% said they have more trust in Coinbase. At the same time 39% said more likely to trust Amazon than Coinbase.

When asked whether they think that investing in the virtual currency will lead to the expansion of their portfolio, 56% said Yes and 21% said “no”. The question is not will they be disappointed if their brokerage firm will not offer investments in scriptactive – 32% said Yes and 42% said “no.”

To the question whether they are ready to consider the possibility of transferring its portfolio to another brokerage company that offers investment in bitcoin alongside more traditional investments, opinions were divided in the following way:

  • 21% said “Yes”;
  • 30% – are not sure;
  • 4% – “definitely no”.

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