Representatives of the parent company SIX Group, the Swiss stock exchange has stated its willingness to trade crypto-currency on its platform, currently under development, the newspaper reports Cointelegraph. The launch platform is expected next year.

Swiss Infrastructure and Exchange Group manages one of the largest stock markets in the country going by the middle of next year to launch a platform for trade in scriptactive, which will fully meet the regulatory norms of the country. On the platform will be presented to the “full” range of services for trading virtual currencies, including consulting solutions in the field of supply tokens (ICO), which will not be subject to the classification of securities.

Transparent cryptocercus as a real need

Giving an interview with Swissinfo Stefan Meyer, a representative of the SIX Group, said that this step was due to “real need” to make cryptocurrency transactions as transparent as possible, allowing the business to get the maximum benefit from attracting investors crypto-industry and representatives of traditional markets.

At this stage, the representatives of the SIX Group has not yet decided on a specific set of proposed for listing products, but the question of the provision of cryptocurrency trading by far remains open. The company said that already “technically ready to add to the platform a variety of digital assets,” noting that each of the added scriptaction will undergo a “thorough review.”

According to Stephen Meyer, the company intends to become a bridge between the world of traditional financial services and kriptosmartfon, but in close cooperation with a Group of SIX regulators.


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