Block network EOS set another record, demonstrating the ability to handle roughly 1275 transactions per second, giving a day of about half a million operations.

If the earlier EOS blockchain speed of transaction processing was approximately 800 operations per second, then it increased to 990, and is now topped 1200.

It did not last a long period of time, and then the network began to work in a stable mode. Still, it remains unclear what caused this spike and how it will affect the further development of events.

Interesting is the fact that this growth occurred during a period of network congestion, Ethereum, so many members of the crypto community has suspected a link between these two events.

EOS representatives deny the charges in Overdrive Ethereum

Developers EOS categorically reject such accusations and Dan Larimer said:

“I assure you that team EOS has nothing to do with any of this, and makes no sense to spend on such actions to their own resources, because network congestion effectively and Crypto Kitties”.

“This is the most effective method to score the Ethereum network overload, if we set ourselves such a goal,” — said the representative of the EOS.

In the network under discussion that the EOS network in fact can become a “killer Ethereum”. But the developers of Ethereum note that the overload of the blockchain Ethereum does not have a big influence on the network and can significantly harm her.


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