$620 000 could be lost due to the negligence of an employee of the crypto currency exchange


New cryptocurrency exchange from South Korea Bitkoex could lose about $620 000, from disclosing sensitive information about 19 users registered on their platform.

According to information published by CoinDesk Korea on Monday, an employee of the crypto currency exchange Bitkoex, launched in may, published in the Kakao group chat information on cryptocurrency Karma (KRM), which is owned by 19 users of the platform, and e-mail addresses of these users, the addresses of wallets and private keys of owners of the tokens KRM, which gave anyone the ability, using the information to access the assets.

The total amount of tokens belonging to the users whose records had been compromised, was $ 620 000.

After the disclosure of information in Bitkoex said the employee sent a message accidentally, and the stock immediately moved the compromised assets in a cold wallet that is inaccessible to outsiders, stating that the assets were not stolen.

The problems of data vulnerability on the exchanges

However, this is not the first case when the user information has been declassified Korean crypto currency exchange. As reported last year, the employee’s computer Bithumb was hacked and the information about 30 000 users of the platform have been compromised.

Yesterday’s report of the regulator of the country has shown that after testing, the appropriate level of information security in the 21st crypto currency exchange in South Korea, which ran from January to March, it was revealed that most companies have a number of disadvantages in terms of security.

In fact, this incident is a confirmation of the existing problems with safety.

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