7 reasons why you should visit the forum Blockchain Life 2018


November 7-8 in St. Petersburg in the walls of the Expoforum will be the largest event of kriptonyte Russia and Europe — forum on the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and Blockchain mining Life to 2018.

The main objective of the forum is to unite the world cryptologist, to help the audience understand how can I make money in one of the most promising areas of our time at the end of 2018 how to create your project in the industry and achieve success.

We have gathered 7 reasons why You definitely need to visit this global event:

1. Sensational speakers

Speakers at the forum include leading international experts and leading companies of cryptocotyle from around the world. For the first time on the territory of Russia will gather the world company industry: Okex cryptocurrency exchanges, Huobi, Kraken, etc., Bitmain mining giant, makers and top managers of the Nem cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Diamond, leading Asian funds investing in startups etc.

The speakers will share with participants ways of earnings on cryptocurrency and the blockchain, and trading experience build a successful project in the sphere of the blockchain and the insiders about the future of the industry.

Performances are exclusive and closed, so the video in the hall is strictly prohibited. This information can only be heard in the conference rooms of the forum.

The full list of speakers Blockchain Life 2018.

2. Global event in the industry — more than 5 000 participants

Forum Blockchain Life 2018 — one of the world’s largest industry event. On a single platform capturadora, representatives of the world cripture, top managers and owners of leading Asian funds, the owners of ICO projects, private investors, entrepreneurs from different sectors and blockchain experts, developers on the blockchain and the miners.
We suggest to attend the event not only for professionals but also for beginners crypto-enthusiasts, as most of the reports are generated specifically for a wide audience.

The forum will be attended by guests from 70 countries. Large delegations are expected from Asia, Western and Eastern Europe,USA, Canada, India and other regions. Dozens of participants come to the forum on private jets.

3. Venue — the best venue of the country — Expoforum

The forum will take place on the biggest Playground of Russia, one of the leading platforms in Europe — Expoforum Convention and exhibition centre. It is a universal platform, which held all the most important events of the country: St. Petersburg international Economic Forum, Gas forum and many others.

The total area of the forum Blockchain Life — more than 15,000 square meters, which include exhibition area, two conference halls, the area of the coffee break area VIP and area networking.

4. The largest exhibition companies in the world

The exhibition space is 3 thousand square meters for which presents more than 120 companies in the industry. Among the companies: cryptocurrency exchanges, mining pools, ICO startups, blockchain projects, rating agencies, suppliers of equipment for mining, etc.

If you are in search of reliable partners, customers or contractors, the exhibition forum is a universal platform for gaining business contacts.

5. Sections on all topical issues of the industry

In the program of the forum contains 11 sections on the most relevant topics of the industry at the end of 2018. Participants will be able to know the opinion of experts and to ask questions that concern them personally. Insides will sound like from the stage, and on the sidelines of the forum.

The most topical theme is the issue of regulation of the blockchain state structures. This section will involve the first persons of the state authorities of the Russian Federation and representatives of associations. Last year as a special guest was the Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation Herman Klimenko.
The existence and functioning of the world’s first decentralized Autonomous government on the Forum will tell the President Free Republic Oberland — Vit Edlichka.

The detailed programme and the list of forum topics.

6. ICO Pitch with the participation of Asian and European funds

Through the work of the second day of the forum the representatives of the ICO projects will have the opportunity to present your project to the largest Asian and European funds, which for the first time come to Russia especially on the Blockchain Life 2018.
Why is it really valuable? On average, Road Show Asia of costs for the ICO project in several dozens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars. Presenting your project at the largest forum in Europe, the Russian and European projects can attract funding, meeting with funds in the region.
Not surprisingly, left a few seats available for the presentation of their project. The list of funds and participation formats available on the page.

7. Corporate AfterParty

What is AfterParty? Not only to relax after two intense days of the forum. AfterParty be sure to visit the international speakers, funds, owners and top managers of large international projects. This is a great opportunity for informal networking, new contacts and insights.
Here is one of the stories from the AfterParty Blockchain Life in 2017:

“In 2017 in the area for the VIP participants at the AfterParty was a trader who bragged to everyone that he bought Ripple and waiting for next week growth of 50-60%. He said that the price failed to break strong technical support level, bounced off it 4 times, and now with 0.185 quotes will go to the mark of 0.2, then 0.25, and he will invest a lot, as very long waiting this reliable signal. After 8 days the Ripple increased by 40%.”

Those who took the lead, managed to fully pay back its participation in dozens of times. And such stories occur every year.

All the details of the AfterParty.

“ One meeting at a conference can change Your life” Sergey Khitrov, chief organizer of the 2018 Blockchain Life

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