A beta version of the wallet Trinity (IOTA) running after several months of testing


Mobile wallet launched IOTA at the beginning of this year, now passed the period of adaptation and is ready for use. After several months of testing in alpha mode IOTA has launched a beta version of the desktop wallet Trinity.

Based on the suggestions received from the community, IOTA also introduced new solutions for both mobile and computer versions of the wallet.

It was also published a few video tutorials on Youtube to instruct users how to work with Trinity.

Features Of Trinity

The new product is available with three levels of security: passwords “original”, “password safe” and “Wallet”. The original password is a 9-digit string of letters that are manually configured by the user to be stored safely. It can then be encrypted and stored in password safe (which is protected by the new password set by the user) or recorded on an external drive.

Finally, the password wallet must use a new combination of Seed Vaults, which is the last step to access the balance of IOTA. The transfer process is quite simple and similar to most purses with cryptocurrencies.

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