A bitcoin wallet Wasabi launches beta on the anniversary of UASF


Wallet Wasabi intends to provide complete anonymity using Bitcoin (BTC). However, the observance of absolute privacy on the public blockchain is a very difficult task.

Today released the beta version of the new Bitcoin wallet focused on privacy. Wasabi Wallet compatible with ZeroLink Bitcoin wallet, intended to ensure interchangeability of BTC and the maximum possible privacy for users.

Bookchain Bitcoin is public, and all transactions, though anonymous, are visible to every user. However, those who value their privacy when using cryptocurrency and who most trusts Bitcoin from all other types of digital coins, will now be able to test Wallet Wasabi and see how it meets their needs.

Wasabi with several privacy features for Bitcoin

Wasabi Wallet is the first product of the company zkSNACK and is a bitcoin wallet, based on the technology of ZeroLink, developed jointly Samourai Wallet and Wasabi. Last update of wallet has some new features.

ZeroLink technology defines its own method of mixing – Chaumian CoinJoin, by Gregory Maxwell in 2013 and is based on the signature scheme Chaum Blind Signature. Wasabi uses Chaumian CoinJoin and provides 100 varieties of anonymity. This means that before sending the transaction mix Bitcoins 100 users and sent all at once.

So nobody else will be able to determine who is the sender and who the recipient in the transaction.

Another feature of Wasabi Wallet is filtering, which allows you to avoid plugging in addresses to the users. Most wallets now holds an extensive collection of addresses of users, which enables you to associate addresses with specific users and thus make it easier for analysts tracking how much money is in your wallet.

Wasabi fee for Wallet mixing is set at 0.3%, much less than some other platforms.

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