According to a report by McAfee Labs, the number of crypto-viruses increased by 629% this year


According to the report published by the cyber security Agency McAfee Labs, malware activity related to cryptocurrency, rose by 629% in the first quarter of the current year.

Cryptojacking has become a fairly common practice of using the processing power of another computer for mining crypto currency, without the consent of the owner.

In the McAfee Labs report for June said that such threats were discovered more than 2.9 million in the first quarter of this year at 629% more than in the previous quarter. It svidetelstvuet that cyber criminals have stepped up their activities in the unauthorized use of computer capacities of the victims, infecting the system the virus miners, in addition to a common scheme to infect computers with viruses blocking with the further ransom. In comparison with well-known actions in the field of cybercrime, vswide data theft and extortion, captaining is considered easier and less risky operation.”

Invisible and difficult to detect

As explained in the report, such viruses can penetrate into millions of systems, installing malware that does not need intermediaries, and it requires minimal effort and has a super low probability of detection. Moreover, in creating their malware, attackers are constantly improving, “demonstrating remarkable levels of technical support and innovation.”

According to previous research, McAfee Labs, cryptobinary work using Coinhive program, established for mining Monero (XMR), coming in through the web browser on sites under the guise of alternative forms of online advertising. Also in the campaign of the fight against malicious traffic, this month, a team of cybersecurity has found that 40,000 units in various fields, including Finance, education and government bodies, was infected miners XMR. In Japan, police have arrested 16 people suspected of involvement in CRYPTOMAGAZINE, in the framework of a criminal investigation.

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