Acne Buterin and Joe Lubin invest more than 2000 ETH in MolochDAO


The co-founder of Ethereum, the second largest market capitalization of cryptocurrency Vitalik Buterin and Joe Lubin has invested a significant amount of financial resources at ETH in the new blockchain startup. According to the publication CoinDesk, each of them donated approximately 1000 ETH platform MolochDAO, and another 2000 ETH was donated by other investors from ConsenSys and Ethereum Foundation.

A new startup has been created by the Director-General SpankChain, Amin Soleimani, and is designed to create a decentralized crowdfunding platform for projects Ethereum 2.0. the initiative, in addition to Lubin, and Buterin joined by her 22 members of the crypto community.

High hopes for the project

In his interview with CoinDesk, Soleimani said “I would like to get a better understanding from a broader group of people with different and complementary points of view to help ensure that all blind spots will be revealed”.

Moloch the project is currently estimated at more than $1 million According to Lubin, Moloch is a very innovative structure, which he expects will soar and will be an important factor contributing to the development of the whole ecosystem Ethereum.

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