Acne Buterin responded to criticism about the poor performance of the Ethereum team


The Creator of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, in response to criticism of the work of the project team said that the success of Ethereum is much more than a bet on the acne or several of the most prominent members of the community project, which depends on many people working in the Ethereum ecosystem.

It all started after a Reddit user under the nickname “yagan” wrote the following message:

“The amount of discontent Ethereum was incredible in the last 12-16 months. And yet for some reason, despite all the ridicule, insults, etc, he has again and again proven that he is determined to move forward as a person and as a leader. Acne greeting and greeting his supporters. Greeting Ethereum and his community that can see “the bigger picture”. Congratulations to all of what you have achieved, and thank you for inspiration for many. Eth 2.0 wow!””

In response, one user wrote:

“Yes. I hope he will read what you wrote. The day when the acne will leave ETH is the day I will arrange a market sale. I have never had less faith in the “team” than after this nonsense with dothereum”.

The success of the team not specific individuals, and coherence

In its response Buterin said:

“Team” is bigger and wider than you think. Although I am disappointed with the appearance of the chatter of this class, it is important to keep in mind that the research team is eth2.0 continues to work on schedule, and recent criticisms about the management, although made a lot of noise and irritated, are unable to delay the advance of the updates eth2.0 even for one day. The main directions in the development of Plasma and ZK is also steadily moving forward as suggestions for use 1.x Existing customers of version 1.0 moderniziriruyutsya tirelessly to better cope with the current load of the network. A huge victory a few months ago led to lower interest rates in the network, as well as to the sustained improvement of the processing speed of the units. When you rely on the Ethereum ecosystem, you rely on a large army of developers who are part of a larger work.”

The project Dothereum and new technology

Dothereum is a new independent blockchain-a project created as a competitor to Ethereum, technology Polkadot, and, according to the founder EthHub Eric Conner and CEO SpankChain Amin, Soleimani behind this project is none other than a former core developer of Ethereum Core Africa Choedon (who also participated in the project Polkadot, working in Parity Technologies).

So, Afri has already launched an Ethereum “competitor”? 🙄

— Eric Conner (@econoar) April 11, 2019

Well if you really connect some obvious dots, it looks like Afri has been working on @dothereum — the Ethereum fork in all but name!

He created the subreddit:

And he’s building the website:

— 👹 Ameen Soleimani (@ameensol) April 11, 2019

Many analysts believe the Polkadot most advanced technology with a high level of scalability, which is lacking in Ethereum.

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