Alibaba has agreed to integrate blockchain technology, will Amazon be next?


Chinese giant in the field of e-Commerce Alibaba, which had previously shown great interest in the technology of the blockchain and have applied for several patents now seem to integrates technology into its system of intellectual property for companies and brands, as reported by local news Agency Sohu.

The publication States that innovation implementation is intended “to improve the provision of services for protection of intellectual property to companies and brands at the international level, especially for small and medium enterprises that need to protect their rights and property.

Interest in the technology of the blockchain in China

Ali Csigi, Director for intellectual property, said that the company uses the constancy and transparency of the blockchain for the protection of intellectual property rights, and since September 2019 these technologies will “be used at the initial stage to protect users of Alibaba” before it goes to digital copyright protection.

The report also says that electronic deposits from global brands will be directly connected to the Internet platform intellectual property protection and Ali provide a basis for the protection of property rights.

Alibaba has taken a lot of effort to promote the adoption of the blockchain to further the use of innovative technology. The company also launched a cloud platform Alibaba Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) to help other companies to use this technology. Despite the strict rules that apply to Scripturally, China expressed a very strong interest in the technology of the blockchain.

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