AMD announced the release of GPU 5700 RDNA RX new generation


The announcement of the release of RDNA RX 5700 GPU of new generation confirms the suspicion that AMD may introduce its new line of graphics processors-class Navi at Computex. Along with this, AMD took the opportunity to rename it to “RDNA”.

Following the announcement, a new graphics processor RX 5700 surpassed RTX 2070 by about 10% in the demonstration test, the Strange Brigade.

Despite the announcement of a new graphics card, AMD has not yet disclosed the specifics of its performance and avoids to provide details about clock frequency and power consumption. However, the company suggests that you should expect roughly a 50% performance improvement in comparison with the 14-nm Vega Architecture of the previous generation.

In addition, the new model RX 5000 series will have GDDR6 memory with PCIe 4.0. It is expected that the rest of the specs, price and exact date of availability in the retail network will be announced during the fair on June 10.

RX 5700 — this is the second map based on the new 7-nm chip AMD. Previous one was Radeon VII, which is currently sold for about $699. On this basis, we can assume that the new RX 5700 will cost in the range of $399 to $449.

Good new GPU for mining

Despite the fact that all the details of its new line of AMD intentionally gives vague interest in the new equipment is on the rise among cryptocurrency miners.

Currently, AMD Radeon VII is a popular choice amongst miners, due to the ratio quality-price, compared with the RTX card series from Nvidia. AMD 480 RX, RX RX 570 and 580 of the previous generation are the most commonly used GPU for mining, although in recent years their great offer marked on eBay because of the increased difficulty of mining.

The expected 50% improvement in performance in both lines, RDNA, can attest to the fact that mining the cryptocurrency on GPUs may become more profitable than before. Combining this with the fact that Ethereum (ETH), Monero (XMR) and many other coins mined on GPU, has almost doubled in price since the beginning of the year, it may take quite some time, while the demand for these devices for mining cryptocurrencies will start to grow again.

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