Analysts discouraged by the rise of Bitcoin to $6940


Bitcoin these days decided to forget about the traditional trend of decline, characteristic for the output and instead tried to continue the steady growth demonstrated in the past few days. In the last 24 hours the price rose more than 10% to record new high of 2019 on $6 944 Colo 6:00 (UTC).

It was after the end of the trading session on Friday in North America, when the campaign took place in the Asian market and that he owns a large part of this frenzied buying activity, according to the publication Coindesk.

Frisky Bitcoin price surprises

As Bitcoin long time to overcome a mark in $6300, some analysts predicted that the level of $6850 will be a real test next week. Others argued about the depletion of funds for purchases after several consecutive weeks of positive growth. But, as often happens in cryptosphere, the price of Bitcoins has continued to ignore the logic, rising to new heights.

Even the crypto-whales on Twitter were confused by such playfulness of Bitcoin, noting that they have a chance to increase their profits ride the wave of growth and expressed the hope that he will rise even higher.

General Director Civic Vinnie Lingham previously argued that, if within 48 hours the Bitcoin will stay above $6200, it can be seen as confirmation of the bear market. It seems that the leading cryptocurrency was only one day before the end of this period, after which the bearish trend is changed to bullish.

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