Another problem with EOS: a review of the Constitution


The network EOS was too large, the level of influence of the human factor and the rules may have to change that opinion shared in a telegram chat with the founder of EOS, Dan Larimer.

The network EOS recently double issue — on the one hand, compliance with the technical characteristics of the network, the preparations for the upcoming dApps and problems with the fundamental rules. EOS the Constitution, a document that virtually no other cryptoprocta so hotly discussed, was difficult to implement in the real world, and it requires substantial revision or complete cancellation of certain provisions.

Another problem for the EOS is the lack of reliable purse. Now used purse Graymass, but EOS small holders can still keep their tokens on the exchanges, not trusting the stability of the technology.

The unexpected decision

EOS founder Dan Larimer came to the decision about a possible revision of the rules. Was made arguments in favor of the fact that the current Constitution grants too much power to producers of units that can monopolize power and play the role of arbitrators with the right to make Central decisions.

The question is to change the Constitution to restrict their powers to address the technical issues related to the code changes, remediation and code protection against break-ins.

Problems voting

But the Larimer can’t do that, because in the same Constitution project says that any set of points can be modified only by a vote of the owners of the tokens by a margin of at least 15% of votes in favor and at least 10% against within 30 days. In other words, to modify any clause of the Constitution will require a quorum of 15% of the owners of the tokens. Those who support the proposal of Larimer, should be 10% more than those who do not, and they will have to maintain this amount of votes in a period of 30 consecutive days in the 120-day period.

How achievable these conditions, it is very difficult to say, because we all remember how long it took to gain a voice in the selection of producers units of the network that took about two weeks.

The negative news had little impact on the cost of EOS, but most of the coins remain locked and not voting, as many users took a wait and see attitude, not wanting to risk their funds.

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