Another victim of the attack 51% Litecoin Cash


The latest victim of attack 51% was block network recently introduced Litecoin Cash (LCC), which is a fork of the more well-known of the bitcoin and Litcoin (LTC), which ranks fifth in the world ranking of cryptocurrencies.

Hard fork took place in February of this year, and its creators said the number of traditional network upgrades, though, in the opinion of the community, the network did not need to improve.

Among the improvements was the use of the SHA256 algorithm and a new system of proof Proof-of-Work, as well as a reduction in the formation of the block up to 2.5 a mine that will speed up the transaction confirmations.

During the last period of time ppl were received very wide circulation in cryptosuite, but most of them were carried out in the network of Bitcoin. Many of them were traditional attempt to satisfy the ambitions and personal benefit of their own teams, and happily sunk into oblivion.

Action team of the Litecoin to Cash

As reported by a team of Litecoin Cash, they quickly responded to the attack, 51%, contacting the exchanges and asking them to increase to 100 the number of confirmations on the network, which would complicate the actions of criminals to capture control over the network. At the moment it is not known the extent of the damage caused by the attack.

It should be recalled that only the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin remains the most resilient to such attacks

Previously from attack 51% suffered a block of Bitcoin Gold, ZenCash and Verge, and a chain last twice subjected to this attack.

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