Anthony Pompliano called on all the stock exchanges for delisting BSV may 1


The last quarrel had set up almost all of the community supporters of Bitcoin against the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto, Craig Wright, along with his partner BSV Calvin Eyre.

At that time, as the passion heats up, Anthony Pompliano made a proposal to all cryptomerias, to make delisting BSV until may 1 of this year, in retaliation for the constant bullying Craig people who call him a liar, a pretentious extension of yourself as the Creator of Bitcoin.

“Because it is right”

Taking part in the ongoing hot discussion, the co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital, in Twitter called on all the crypto community to speak in support of this Bitcoin, proposing the deletion of BSV from the exchanges “because they are easy, but because it is right.”

Every exchange should delist BSV simultaneously on May 1st in a sign of solidarity behind the only Bitcoin that ever mattered.

This community is the responsibility of the people. Sometimes we must do the hard thing, not because it is easy, but because it is right.#DelistBSV

— Pomp 🌪 (@APompliano) April 12, 2019

On the one hand, Craig Wright, as you know, has always been a controversial personality, mostly for the wrong reasons. In fact, many in cryptosuite openly called him a fraud and a liar. Such accusations openly told him acne Buterin and other prominent personality of the community. But special attention Wright decided to give the Twitter user by the name “Hodlonaut”, who called Craig a fraud for trying to claim that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, although not able to provide any evidence.

Since then Craig and the air threatened to sue him for “libel” and even offered a reward in the amount of 70 BSV ($5000) to someone who will expose the person behind the nickname “Hodlonaut”.

Chunping, Zhao, Binns

The confrontation between Craig and Hodlonaut attracted great public attention, especially after Facendosi threatened to sue the Twitter user. It made some of cryptocheilus to protect the user. One such person was the General Director of Binance, Chunpeng Zhao, who urged Craig not to threaten people who disagree with his assertion that he is Satoshi.

Zhao put forward their own threat, warning that Binance exclude BSV, if Craig and his colleagues will continue to haunt cryptologist his threats. In addition, he said that to Zhao, Craig Wright, was also not Satoshi Nakamoto and Binns ready to intervene in court battle against Craig and Arie if they wish.

Meanwhile, support is growing Hodlonaut. Many fans of the cryptocurrency now changed their nicknames on Twitter “Hodlonaut”. In addition, opened a special account to raise funds for legal expenses. The purpose of the collection Fund in the amount of $20 000.

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