Aphelion launches mobile wallet for Android


Decentralized trading platform Aphelion, built on the blockchain NEO, announced the release of its mobile wallet on Android.

Trading platform P2P Aphelion provides trade tokens in a decentralized network block NEO. Operations Aphelion on the algorithm DEAL use smart contracts to prevent network delays that can lead to the freezing of funds, blocking of transactions and the theft of cryptocurrency funds.

The mobile wallet will support a number of functions, including the provision of data reflecting in real-time, customizable address book and full integration of the token NEP-5. Future updates also include the ability to integrate new tokens into the platform for trading that are supported by the algorithm DEAL.

Holiday bonuses

To celebrate the release of a mobile wallet, the representatives of the team Aphelion has allocated 50000 tokens APH for the delivery of 100 users that install the app on their device and share their experience with it.

The contest to select users to receive the prize token will start when the version of the iOS app will be published in the App Store. At the present time it is under review at Apple.

The winners will be announced after the number of downloads of the new version of wallet on iOS and Android reaches 10 thousand.

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