At least 400 crypto-whales control 30 % of the market Ethereum


Analysts Chainalysis presented a report that 376 people own about 30% of Ethereum.

The main reason for the relevance of Cryptoprotected is its decentralization, the hundred most profitable allocates it against other centralized financial systems. Although each bitcoin is an Autonomous decentralized network, the latest news shows that a large part of the market Bitcoin and Ethereum is currently relatively centralized.

The market is controlled by big players with big money that have a big impact on the cryptocurrency. These players in the community called crypto-whales. It was discovered that these whales had no effect on the price of Ethereum on the market. Transactional activity is only 7% of the total number of operations in the network.

Bitcoin drives the market

It should be noted that in 2016 the whales were controlled almost 47% of the market Ethereum, but for the period of the bear market, this percentage has decreased. Most whales do not actively trade, and more are the keepers of the cryptocurrency.

If we analyze price charts Ethereum, you can see that he, like all altcoins, almost always follows in the footsteps of Bitcoin and when the leading cryptocurrency shows an increase of 1%, the rest also show an increase.

Given that a large move Bitcoin immediately affect the stock market and its volatility, it cannot be denied that they do not affect the stock market.

Kim Grauer of Chainalysis, noted that they seek to integrate some of the concepts of the stock market in crypto-space to obtain a clearer background of the movement of the stock market. Etherum is currently trading at $247, but recently its price was over $260.

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