Auditor Ernst&Young received from QuadrigaCX is a cryptocurrency storage


Ernst&Young (EY), a famous British auditing company, today reported the receipt of most of the reserves we have hot wallets QuadrigaCX, which the exchange has translated to the auditor by the court.

Amounts represent balances that the EY auditors previously found in the hot wallets QuadrigaCX. Ernst&Young confirmed that it had taken control of the funds by transferring the crypto-currencies of the exchange on their own cold wallet.

“February 14, 2019, after testing, mechanisms of translation, representatives of the exchange is successfully transferred next cryptocurrency wallet auditor: 51 Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash 33, 2 000 Bitcoin Gold, Litecoin and 822 951 Ether”, is confirmed in the firm. Now the auditor will store the bitcoin in his cold wallet, to receive further instructions from the court.

Interesting situation with the funds of the exchange

Affected customers QuadrigaCX calmed appointment by the court of the famous auditing firm to control of the means of exchange, since around her was a lot of disturbing things lately.

As we wrote earlier, ETH 5000 was withdrawn from QuadrigaCX in the interval from 2 to 8 December, the day before the death of its founder, and then much later most of them were found on Binance.

No less interesting was the discovery, on the movement of Litecoin cold wallet Quadriga, which, as the study was performed after the death of its founder.

In addition, after appointment by the court of auditor company Ernst&Young Inc, the stock exchange almost immediately, “inadvertently” transferred to $ 103 BTC to cold wallet of the deceased founder.

All this gave many the idea of a large-scale Scam that someone is trying to implement.

Recently it was discovered that the CEO of Quadriga, actually left a clue where he keeps private keys in the podcast made five years ago. There he noted that the best way to store my private key is on a sheet of paper in the safe. Therefore, there is still a chance, albeit small, that, in the end, these keys are.

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