Belgium added to the black list 28 cryptosytem


The Belgian management of the financial services and markets (FSMA) issued a new warning to investors about the discovery of 28 of the cryptocurrency platforms operating in the country who are suspected of fraud and non-compliance with financial laws of the country.

The latest additions of the regulator to the black list of fraudulent sites related to cryptocurrency increased it to 70.

Among the recently added web sites:

In the FSMA noted that the updated list is not exhaustive, as was made on the basis of numerous complaints from investors who believed the false promises Scam. “Scriptactive became the most popular advertisement of the year. Scammers are well aware of this and are trying to attract customers from the Internet through fake cryptoprocta, promising huge profits. However, in reality, everything is created with one purpose – to collect more money from clients and disappear.

FSMA reminds you to exercise caution when investing

The Agency appealed to cryptologist with a request to provide additional information on any other related scriptactive projects operating illegally in Belgium. It also advised potential investors to consult previously released in February warning that includes “detailed the testimonies of the victims of such platforms.”

National regulators in different parts of the world intensified efforts to inform investors about the potential risks related to fraud with cryptocurrencies. Less than a month after Belgium France also began to compile a black list of fraudulent cryptoprocta. The U.S. SEC may have created a special initial offer fake coins (ICO), called HoweyCoins details explained the main signs of fraudulent projects and warned about the dangers of participating in ICO.

Chinese authorities have also conducted a study of local cryptocurrency market, after discovering, allegedly, 421 illegal website selling a variety of tokens that may cause “investors to major losses”. But given that China completely banned the cryptocurrency activity, any cryptoprocta can be considered outside the law.

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