Binance Chain will charge about $100,000 for a listing of new tokens


It is reported that Binance Chain will charge about $100 000 for the transfer of new coins to their platform in order to avoid fraudulent support projects.

CEO Binance Changing, Jaw during the 45-minute presentation said that the decentralized stock exchange of the company Binance Chain, will charge about $100,000 for the deployment of new coins. On the application CZ it was originally supposed to set an even higher fee to avoid spam and fraudulent projects. Thus, although the Commission now will be about $100 000, it can be adjusted over time, saying that “it is quite easy to change”.

Questions about the future Binance Chain

To the question, how many validators nod will work with Binance Chain, CZ explained that “the number of nodes in the network is small, mostly for performance reasons”, noting that for the test network was selected 11 test nodes.

He added that they are looking for people who can make very quick transactions in the network and can protect it from DDoS attacks. At the moment, “the node will be selected via our close partners,” but over time, the number of nodes validators will increase.

Although new crypto currency exchange can be not as decentralized as some other platforms, but its progress is fully consistent with the statement of the CZ made last year, in which he noted that “absolute decentralization does not exist.”

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