Binance has partnered with Celer for financial solutions in gaming applications


Binance announced a strategic partnership with blockchain project Celer, solving the problem of scaling existing networks to improve Trust Wallet with it, and then focus on “financial solution for gaming applications”.

This cooperation, according to the two sides, will help to improve interaction with users, through “seamless integration and smooth interaction”. According to the founder of the Trust Wallet, Victor Radchenko, the purpose of unleashing the potential of the blockchain and implement it in various aspects of the real world, ranging from financial solutions to gaming applications.

The main directions of cooperation.

In the short term, the focus will be on decentralized applications (dApps), which has advantages from the standpoint of ease of use. Primarily the focus will be on interactive games, micro-insurance and sharing of financial assets that are not associated with storage, and much more.

Thanks to a new partnership, users will be able to send your funds, especially Ethereum, instantly via a scaling network of the second level Celer Networks. The new solutions will enable users in the same way to pass on stablecoins.

Hope for this partnership is high on both sides. CEO of Celer, Mo Dong, explained:

“Together we will be ambitious to promote block application for the masses with the help of our technical capabilities and achievements, and actively support entrepreneurship.”

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