Binance lays the Foundation for institutional investment


Binance developing new strategies and pursuing specific actions to attract institutional investment. They expect that the adoption of scriptaction will grow rapidly in the near future, and they are doing everything possible to prepare for this problem.

Binance has made great strides in recent years and became a leading beacon for all Cryptoprotected, successfully coping with the task of improving the image of cryptocurrencies and related exchanges. This was extremely important because after the bankruptcy of Mt.Gox, cryptomeria a wary, fearing a major investment.

However Binance I tried to fix safety problems at an early stage and now believes that they are ready to provide a safe class of scriptaction for institutional investors. Institutional money really starts to go into cryptoprotection, and the exchange strives to be prepared for them.

Binance intends to become a pioneer in the support of institutional investors by creating key support levels.

Offer Binance for institutional investors

Binance intended for institutional investors interested in scriptactive to create quite interesting offers.

They introduced a rebate program for traders with a large amount of investment. This program is based on the number of tokens BNB stored in the account of each trader. In addition, they have introduced discount prices, which should contribute to large investors willing to invest large amounts of money.

In addition Binance has created a research unit to study just what is happening inside Cryptoprotected. Its purpose is to prepare complete reports for institutional analysts on various projects with the maximum degree of transparency of information.

Special offers

For large institutional accounts will be charged a daily limit on the input is not more than 100 BTC. After the necessary verification, each institutional investor will use this advantage.

Binance also intends to conduct several improvements to institutional investors in the near future. Already developed a road map that will include 200 additional subscriber accounts, which will be able to review the accounting and commercial activities, free transfer of funds between these accounts and full control over the accounts from their owners.

It is clear that if the race to attract institutional investment has begun, Binance does not want to be among the last.

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