Binance officially confirmed its intention to release its own stablon


Today, financial Director Binance, Wei Zhou, at the event “Money 20/20 Europe” held in Amsterdam confirmed that the coming release of the coin, pegged to the British pound (GBP).

Stable coin Binance GPB (BGBP) will be released in the chain Binance and will be the first stable coin running on bitcoin exchange. The plans not only BGBP participation in global trade birgevoi Binance, but participation in the exchange from Fiat to crypto on the exchange Binance Jersey, where it will be possible to trade EUR and GBP pairs with Bitcoin and Ethereum.

During the interview, Zhou said

“We are under advanced testing in the coming months start BGBP on Binance Jersey”.

“$BGBP which we are currently testing and will launch in the future is an effort to diversify the stablecoin assets offered in the ecosystem. In line with #Binance”s mission, we would like to provide users with more freedom of choice.” — @weizhouBinance

— Binance (@binance) June 4, 2019

While the exact date when it Binance plans to launch BGPB, is not known, since testing continues.

The first stable token-enabled GBP

As noted by Zhou:

“BGBP, which we now test and run in the future – is an attempt to diversify the assets of a stable currency in the ecosystem. In accordance with our mission to Binance, we would like to provide users with more stable versions of the coins and more freedom of choice.”

Currently, the global exchange traded Binance 5 stable coins: USDT, PAX, USDS, USDC and TUSD. They are all tied to the US dollar. BGPB will be the first steilcoom, which will be supported by the BGBP.

On Monday the General Director of the Binance, Chunpeng Zhao, already nameknul to create stable coins GBP, after one of the members of the community noticed that the BGBP is tested on the chain Binance.

CZ said, “It’s still in the testing stage, while minted only 200 pounds. Slowly but surely…”

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