Binance, presented his captaincarter in 5 new cities


To support the most talented teams in different parts of the world Binance decided to expand the activities of their incubators by 5 new cities.

The crypto currency exchange Binance is interested in expanding its services worldwide, but also in supporting the promotion of the most promising and innovative ideas in the world. Binance Labs, the venture capital division of the crypto currency exchange, has announced its plans to launch an incubation program in 5 new cities.

Incubation program Binance Labs

According to information, the new scriptgenerator will begin its work in Berlin, Singapore, Buenos Aires, Lagos and Hong Kong in March 2019.

The company will invite them to participate in 10-week programs local blockchain projects at an early stage. Participants in these new incubation programs will have the opportunity to meet in Singapore, where the headquarters of the exchange, during a three-week trip.

It is expected that the teams in Hong Kong will pay attention to the solutions used in the traditional financial industry. Specific number of participants has not yet been determined and will be known only after the evaluation of ideas submitted by applicants. This year the company has organized an incubator in San Francisco. Of the more than 500 teams applied for participation, were selected only 8. Each of the selected teams received $ 500,000 for the development.

Program for 2019

The statement of Ella Zhang, head of the Binance Labs, next year they will have two more rounds of the program in San Francisco.

The main goal of incubation programs is to encourage the development of projects, including those that potentially will be able to transfer your tokens on the exchange. Moreover, Binance is ready to move tokens and services the most successful teams on their platforms.

In addition, it was recently announced that Binance has released a collection of 500 educational articles on cryptocurrency and blockchain for the purpose of dealing with the wrong information provided on this sphere. The product was created by the educational Department of the exchange Binance Academy. It is a free platform, offering articles of high quality, objective, educational information in 15 languages.

Although it is still unknown what information will be contained in these articles, the company announced that the article will be devoted to issues such as blockchain, security, and economy.

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