Bitcoin Private accused HitBTC in unjustified delisting


After failing to support the token Bitcoin Private (BTCP) in exchange HitBTC, the project team sent to the stock exchange the letter in which has expressed protest against the delisting, calling it “unjustified”. Its decision to delist BTCP exchange HitBTC said yesterday, citing the inability to protect their users from the effects of the controversial incineration project token.

Team Bitcoin Private initiated burning your tokens on 16 February in the amount of 480 000 units, citing the fact to get the “true picture circulating proposals BTCP”, after the discovery of 2 million coins, which were secretly extracted in 2018.

The developers of the project announced that all tokens BTCP, which will not be transferred to the new address, will be burned.

The original causes of the conflict

Approval HitBTC, Bitcoin Private team not respond to requests for assistance to move the coins from “purse that is not protected from combustion”, resulting in users have lost 58 920 BTCP contained in the wallet of the exchange.

“Never in the history of our platform, our users did not lose any of the funds at our disposal, and it is a practice that we never want to break. Thus, HitBTC is forced to indemnify them all losses on storage.”

Team BTCP refutes the statement HitBTC, indicating that representatives of the exchange just before burning asked for help. although had enough time.

The developers BTCP claim that they “immediately” contacted HitBTC to offer assistance. However, HitBTC allegedly replied that they can’t move coins from old addresses for “security reasons”. Now exchange requires compensation for loss of user BTCP.

Requirements team Bitcoin Private

In his letter, the representatives of the project asked HitBTC “stop delisting and reject” claims for compensation:

“We respectfully request that you immediately cease and desist from any unwarranted claims for compensation for which you have no legal rights,” the letter reads.

Currently HitBTC excluded service BTCP and not commented.

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