Bitcoin today can exceed $6000, add $200 for 2 hours!


Bitcoin crypto currency number one in the world rankings, is now on the way to overcome a price of $6000, after a difficult day on the stock market when all the laurels of the winner got Ethereum, which kept the initiative growth in the last 24 hours.

Now the leading cryptocurrency, it seems, is on the way to overcome the level of $6000. Currently the most popular in the world of cryptocurrency trading at about $5940, showing an impressive increase of 4.28% per day.

It should be noted that Bitcoin has gained $200 in less than two hours, and all the crypto community are excited about the opportunity today to see a break of the $6000.

The palpable excitement of the stock market

Many users on Twitter note that in this period almost all exchanges have a chance to test the level of $6000, not just BitFinex, where Bitcoin is still trading with a premium of $350, despite the numerous criticism from the crypto community and the recent scandals associated with the exchange. Due to the large price gap with other exchanges, the popular the website CoinMarketCap, decided not to include price indicators BitFinex in the calculation of the average price of Bitcoin on the exchanges.

As mentioned earlier Now all other exchange about to hit the 6000 mark anytime….@bitfinex ahead of others…. which is about to cross 6300 #btc #BTCUSD #btcnews #bitcoin #bitcoinPrediction #Crypto #cryptocurrencies #cryptoPredication

— CryptoRashifal (@CryptoRashifal) May 7, 2019

The excitement of the stock market is very noticeable and the boldest assumptions of growth rates of cryptocurrencies include even a 100% increase in its value. How they are real, it remains to be seen, but while there is little doubt that a threshold of $6000 BTC will soon overcome.

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