Bitcoin worth more than $1 million by hacking into Bitfinex 2016 came to movement


Today, the Bitfinex team has been reminded of an unpleasant period when hacking she lost 120000 BTC, because hackers have begun to move BTC in the amount of $1.3 million.

One of the researchers sati Bitcoin under the name Whale Alerts in your Twitter account provided several reports detailing the movement of stolen BTC after hacking Bitfinex, which now came to movement. His account automatically keeps track of major transfers, and also controls the movement of the stolen funds that occur on the blockchain.

Recently was discovered a few small transactions for a total amount of $1.3 million, which were transferred to unknown wallets. It seems that hackers are moving small amounts of money through the blockchain trying to get ideas about what might be their next steps.

Assessment of the situation

The amount of the transaction amounted to only 172 BTC, which is quite a small part, compared to 120000 BTC stolen by hackers who to date are just under $1 billion.

As you know, after the break, Bitfinex announced the payment of remuneration to anyone who can provide information that will help the recovery of stolen funds and was even willing to make a deal with the hackers.

As stated earlier, a similar movement of more than 800 Bitcoins stolen on the stock exchange, in January 2017. Then the hackers tried to transfer small amounts of money in different crypto currency exchange, among which LocalBitcoins, Coinbase, Kraken, Xzzx,, BTC-e, CoinsBank and bankrupt now QquadrigaCX to test the reaction. In that period, Coinbase and Kraken immediately froze the account on their platforms, and some of the exchanges have supported this idea.

It now seems that the hackers have once again intend to watch the reaction of the community on the movement of funds and therefore send such small amounts.

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