Bitcoins stolen in burglary Binance, moved to seven locations


As a result of hacking cryptocurrency exchanges Binance, hot purse was stolen about 7074 Bitcoins worth about $42.8 million based on ‘hacking’ lay 44 of the output transactions that were made using Segregated Witness to the same address, had gone to 99.97% of the funds.

According to the publication, The Block, the 44 addresses have since been translated into seven locations, six of which contain 1060,6 BTC and one BTC 707,1. Previously, the company Confirm that work to combat illegal money laundering and the financing of terrorism, reported that its analysis showed that 1227 BTC was moved to two new locations, one of which went 707 BTC, on the other — 520.

The question of the reorganization of the network has not found support

Yesterday the General Director of the Binance, Changpeng Zhao, devoted some time live discussion on Twitter community issues after the break, as well as the idea of restructuring the network of Bitcoins to deprive the hackers of stolen funds. During the discussion he noted that he did not intend to ask the community about the reorganization, as it may adversely affect the blockchain, the leading cryptocurrency.

Zhao confirmed that he had considered the question of whether to ask the miners to cancel the transaction of the hacker and to distribute the stolen $40 million between them. However, I decided not to finish the idea.

Ethereum already did a rollback transaction after DAO hacking and theft of $50 million, but then the network was only in the beginning of his career. On Wednesday, her co-founder, Vitalik Buterin also tweeted that the collateral damage arising from the cancellation of all transactions made by all users BTC per day, can be huge, and possibly even fatal to the network.

Earlier this week, the famous American economist and Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz expressed his negative stance against the cryptocurrency, saying that, in his opinion, they should be banned.

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