Bitfinex has assured users in the security of their funds


The crypto currency exchange Bitfinex temporarily closed to deposits and withdrawals that greatly troubled her clients. The assurances Bitfinex, a stop was necessary “because of a failure in one of their network providers.”

Despite the temporary suspension of services, the framework made clear that all funds are safe in cold storage and they are in no danger.

. @bitfinex : due to the outage of one of our network providers we temporarily paused deposits and withdrawals. Funds are safe in cold storage. Situation should be restored ASAP. Apologies for the inconvenience.

— Paolo Ardoino (@paoloardoino) May 31, 2019

However, that did not lessen the anxiety among users, considering the last time quite provocative headlines in the press relating to the company, where it was assumed that the exchange tried to cover the missing funds totaling $850 million, having made loan from the reserves of the Tether to paying customers.

Concerns users sufficiently substantiated

As you know, the exchange has experienced two hacking attacks that cost her a lot. In may 2015 after hacking Bitfinex lost 1 500 BTC, and in August 2016, during the next hacker attack, cryptocurrency exchange lost Bitcoins worth $72 million.

Earlier this month, data Bitfinex trade Bitcoin have been removed from the average price indices CoinMarketCap, because the value of BTC on the exchange 5.5, compared with the average market indicators, which have been noted on other cryptocurrency exchanges.

Despite the recent developments, users hope that the stop was really a simple failure of the provider, and not something else, with complex consequences. Bitfinex previously filed a petition for the complete abolition of the charges brought against her by the Prosecutor’s office in new York. According to the report, the next hearing was scheduled for July 29, 2019.

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