Bitfinex has resumed trading after a sudden stop for two hours


Bitfinex resumes trading after an unexpected 2 hour break in the work about which she was unexpectedly notified to their customers.

The crypto currency exchange Bitfinex from Hong Kong today announced to its users that it temporarily goes offline to all customers.

Initially the company indicated that the platform will be unavailable “for some users” and apologized for the inconvenience, without mentioning the specific cause of the failure.

But after half an hour appeared from Bitfinex, it will be disabled in the network for all their users apologizing for an incorrect selection of the wording.

The text of the statement provided:

“We apologize for our earlier tweet. In a rush to users in a timely manner learned about our problem, we are unable to choose the correct wording and now confirm that Bitfinex is offline for all users. Please be sure funds are safe. We’ll notify you of future updates”.

The restoration work

The exchange has remained inaccessible to users for just over two hours, and then announced the restoration work in full functional mode.

In the last message exchange firm referred to problems with “communication” as the reason for temporary disconnection:

“The problem, the downtime was associated with the connection. Your safety is our main priority and we can confirm that all funds were safe in this period.”

According to CoinMarketCap, now Bitfinex is the 18th largest crypto exchange in the world by daily trading volume.

According to a recent report Exchange Security provided by the independent analysts ICORating, only 16% of the largest kryptomere has a rating of A security and one A +. According to the study, which analyzed 135 kryptomere, Bitfinex took the 5th place among the most secure platforms with a rating of A.

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