Bitfinex is accused of market manipulation for stopping the operation of the


Leading cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has come under fire of criticisms after yesterday’s suspension of trading services. Many users in social networks have expressed suspicions that the outage was triggered intentionally to manipulate the market.

Subsequently, the team explained that the reason for the failure arose due to problems of crypto currency exchange with the server connection, with the result that I had to restart work. As noted by the security service of the exchange, this failure did not lead to loss to the loss of any data and for the user means there is no threat. However, the timing of the off period suspiciously coincided with some other events in cryptosuite.

For CME Contracts futures Bitcoin dropped around the same time when Bitfinex was forced to suspend trading that led to the suspicion that the team behind the exchange, or controlling server, might have done this deliberately trying to affect the price indices of the cryptocurrency market.

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