BitFinex launches cycle Hackathon


Popular cryptocurrency exchange BitFinex has launched a new initiative to promote innovative developments in the industry blockchain technology, dubbed Hackathon Series. The first city where will be held the three-day event will be the London weekend on 20 July 2018.

The organizers of the cycle hackathons hope that the developers and traders from around the world will gather for seminars and presentations from leading industry professionals. This event, developed in the framework of cooperation for innovation aimed at the rapid growth of the cryptocurrency industry and promotion of it development, open source.

Conditions of participation in the hackathon

Applications are free and available to everyone, however space is limited, so applications are considered on the basis of unique offers for training, professional interest or desire to demonstrate their abilities and to contribute to the development of cryptarithmetic. Specific requirements for entrance there, but BitFinex has provided the API documentation as a guide and focused attention on the creative ambitions, and “creating new and interesting offers with no restrictions”.

Participants have the opportunity to win cash prizes of up to $7500, and to be invited to participate in developing projects. Representatives of Ethereum, and EOS put forward their own prize funds for innovative projects related to their technology. Applications for participation will be accepted until July 15.

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