Bitfinex officially denied rumors about its insolvency


One of the largest kryptomere Bitfinex has published in his blog an official statement, to curb the spread of a series of false rumors in the online media.

The statement said that it “is not bankrupt” and that its trading operations are functioning normally.

In addition to Bitfinex criticized the separate “alert” the investigators, who look forward to their collapse, predicting in addition the collapse of the industry as a whole:

“Those who shout loudly about the failure, apparently, few understand the meaning of this concept in General, and what they’re talking about”.

Denials and evidence

Representatives of the exchange have provided in your application links to some of the cryptocurrency holdings in cold wallet exchange as proof that Bitfinex remains quite solvent, insisting that operating costs at the exchanges are low, and any assumption that the exchange may not have enough funds, most likely created intentionally by the company’s competitors.

Guide Bitfinex has urged its clients not to succumb to provocative rumors, noting that all the problems with Fiat currency are resolved and that they do not pose a threat to exchange. The statement also referred to the history and approval associated with Noble Bank, and noted that the organization “does not affect our operations, survivability, or ability to pay”.

As is known, Noble Bank previously used Bitfinex to hold funds before the exchange is put out of his own funds, giving preference to British Bank HSBC.

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