BitFlyer has suspended accepting new customers before fulfilling the requirements of the regulator


One of the largest in Japan kryptomere, BitFlyer, announced that it was suspending the creation of accounts for new customers after regulators gave her a recommendation about the need to improve security and control structures.

In accordance with the received message from the Japanese Agency for financial services, security BitFlyer was discovered a number of shortcomings related to the measures to prevent money laundering, countering the financing of terrorism and unauthorized access. The report indicated that BitFlyer is a priority for savings, and functions to control the operations of the leadership second.

BitFlyer is ready to make improvements

In a statement posted on the website, BitFlyer said:

“Our management and all employees are fully aware of how serious these problems are, so the company temporarily suspending the creation of accounts for new customers to solve the problems identified by the regulatory authorities”.

The financial services Agency today handed regulations on business improvements five other operators of the stock market, including Tech Bureau Corp.

Despite strict control, Japan is one of the most friendly jurisdictions for cryptocurrency companies. Rules introduced last year, Bitcoin is recognized as a legitimate method of payment, which contributed to the development of kryptonyte in the country.

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