BitMEX was accused of market manipulation after the translation of 18 000 Bitcoins


A large number of Bitcoins in the amount of 18 000 was transferred to the purse, which is believed to belong BitMEX.

And it happened just a few hours before Bitcoin started to recover after falling below $6 000. A large amount of BTC was transferred from the 17 purses in one, which is associated with BitMEX.

As the researchers note, the first sum in the amount of 10 BTC went to the purse at 4:50 am new York time, then after half an hour even with 16 addresses sent 17 990 BTC. As a result, total balance of long-wallet BitMEX funds amounted to 18,000 coins.

In dollar terms it is now about $114 million.

How justified suspicions?

This event provoked outrage on Twitter, where users have suggested that it is, in fact, manipulation of large holders of tokens that transmit large sums of money to the exchange, or attempt to manipulate the market by BitMEX.

However, this may not be true, because traditionally the exchange’s strive to put the maximum number of coins in wallets with cold storage, to protect themselves against unforeseen circumstances with the worst scenario.

We can observe a similar behavior when Bithumb gave huge amounts of coins from different wallets, paying 0.1 BTC transaction fees. At that time, the total amount of the transaction amounted to approximately $661, which actually slowed down the Bitcoin network and led to the increase in the number of unconfirmed transactions.

Additionally, it should be noted that despite the fact that most of the wallets associated with BitMEX are prefixed with “3BMEX”, this purse may not have anything to do with exchange. However, given the large volume of coins involved in the transaction, such assumption seems convincing.

Too small for manipulation

In addition to the possible displacement of the coins in the wallet with cold storage, sharing can also procure funds to ensure the liquidity of their trading platform. Any of these findings may be quite possible, given that recently it became known about one more record the displacement of more than 1 million BTC.

The assumption that BitMEX is trying to manipulate the market to speculation, which is odd, given the fact that 18 000 BTC barely reaches 0.1% of all coins in circulation. This is not the amount that can dramatically derail the market.

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